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100 NFTS ERC-1155.

Owners will have early-access to tools made for Decentraland that our team will develop once the goal of selling all 100 NFTs is reached.

These tools are useful for land, games and gallery owners that are willing to make changes on their buildings with an easy web-interface and in-world.

All the tools here will be developed for 1 year, only accesible for those addresses owning the NFT. Once this period has passed, the tools will be open for all the public to use and also as opensource tools, so it can be improved by the community.



One of the most requested tools for gallery owners. It allows to change and modify content inside your gallery. Change and replace artworks easily, directly from a website or inside Decentraland.

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Modify your building and get it ready for events. This tool allows to place different props and change settings. You can add screens for streaming (Discord, Twitch, Zoom), change sound input, add custom illumination, change the theme, add and remove some props and more. All within accessing a website or directly in Decentraland.

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Rent a land, invite some people over and stream your event. Directly from a website, rent a parcel in Decentraland, choose a date, select a theme, some props, a streaming url and have fun!

This tool can make your empty land useful for others and generate passive income by renting it for interested users.

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